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Name: Bluegill

Year Joined: 2012 *Plank Owner 

Angler Experience: Semi Amateur

Tournaments: 2012 2013 2014 2015    2016 2017 2018                          

Top Finish: 2017 Second Place 


Bluegill, take one look at him in all his fishing glory! This! THIS! is a mans angler,   this guy knows how to bait a hook, He knows what size swivel to use, He knows what lure to     use, He   can    catch any fish he wants surely he is an Anglers Angler. Sadly the reality is; his worms are mushy,   his tournament etiquette is lacking and His boat handling skills are a disgrace to the lake!  He’s back Baby?  In a questionable tone is all we here when he shows up for the tournaments.


Growing up Bluegill had no clear aspirations for his future self gratification. He toyed with the idea of being a Marine Biologist by watching the Undersea world of Jacques Cousteau, but the sharks gave him the jimmy legs in his sleep so that was out. Then he saw Rescue 8 and dreamed of one day steering the back of one of those big hook and ladders, ohhh baby that’s the ticket! Until he remembered he’s afraid of clowns and firemen, so that was out. 


Then finally one day BAM! IN THE FACE!! Bill Dance Outdoors, with all his fishing knowledge, came to him live through his Zenith System 3, Space Command 15” TV, with real imitation wood grain console and remote control! Never before, until NOW! Did Bluegill believe he could ever reach Semi Amateur Fishing status, but after 46 years he’s finally master of his own angling domain. Also we’ve always enjoyed his antics around the docks so we let him stay.


Bluegill, a country angler who got himself mixed up in the high stakes game of SANJAYA Fishing and Oneida Lake intrigue became addicted to angling. “I’m hooked on it! It reminds me of the time I had a    Kavorka lure, the bass were drawn to me and would give anything to be possessed by me"

 Goby  remembered    “Couple years back on the dock I heard the makings of a melee, I ran to where Bluegill and another angler were getting ready to throw down but I wasn’t in time to stop it. You should have seen Bluegill flapping his arms and struttin his stuff. He was pecking and weaving and bobbin and talking trash! Bluegill didn’t even have to touch the other angler; the guy jumped off the dock and swam for it! The whole melee lasted ten    seconds!”

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Its hard not to let Bluegill’s fishing style fool you. Lackadaisical, phlegmatic are a few words used to describe it.   However Bluegills sleeper style is definitely dangerous as seen in the 2017 tournament. Bluegill almost (probably) pulled off a spectacular upset in the last hour of the last day. He Landed    a massive bass and a respectable pickerel on the last day that Slingshotted him all the way to second place.   Needing only a 19 inch Walleye to force a fish off.  Unfortunately Bluegill’s kryptonite, identifying a fish species, reared it’s ugly misshapened, bald head! but fortunately for the Leaderboard Leader he threw back a large walleye    thinking it was a bass during the last hour of regulation angling. Sweet Kid!


Word around the dock is Bluegills been honing his angling skills by binge watching Bill Dance Outdoors and Lunkerville.   He will most definitely need to up his game, as well as his ability to ID fish, if he wants to compete against  Pike, Walleye and Smelt.   You can never count Bluegill out, he was overhead bragging to the crowd at last years tournament “I’m disturbed, I’m depressed, I’m inadequate I got it all!” With a can do attitude like that and whimsical sense of foreboding that he could win, he’s a LOCK to be holding the “BIG FISH CHAMP” Cup when all the fish chips fall!


Good Luck Bluegill!

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*A plank owner is an individual who was a member of the crew when  they  came  up with a brilliant   idea of how to spend a week or more away from work when that idea is placed into commission.