Name:  Pike   *Plank owner

Year Joined: 2012

Angler Expirience: 

Semi Amateur

Tournaments: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Top Finish: 2018 Second Place


Pike is an OA, Original Angler; he got in on the ground floor of SANJAYA and never looked up! From the beginning   Pike was always in the meaty part of the Leader Board, not showing off, not falling behind. Pike had the highest of aspirations when he joined; he wanted to be a Big Fish Champ or an Architect, He’s still working on achieving one of those aspirations!! 

Sweet Kid!

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Pike’s early tournaments were really a tragic story. Painfully in the first couple years Pike had a difficult time cranking his rod. He felt he could've had any fish in the world if he could just master his rod, but alas he could not master the beauty of his own rod   and so       ..Mastering his rod became his one true Passion...

Because of this Pike would practice every day for hours on end cranking his rod. Until one day the muscles in his hands.. Became so strained with.. Overuse that eventually his hand locked into a deformed position, and he was left with nothing but a claw


Hand frozen in claw shape

He traveled the world seeking a cure.. acupuncturists.. herbalists.. swamis.. nothing helped. Towards the end of his third year his hands became so frozen that he was unable to manipulate his rod, and was dependent on Cub Scouts to cast for him.


Pikes questionable Semi Amateur angler skills might have held him back those first six years but no one can deny the luck of Davy Jones was with him in 2018! Fishing a new area of the lake Pike hooked into a beast the likes of which never reared its massive head in history of the SANJAYA Invitational… until NOW!

Pike landed SANJAYA’s first Northern Pike! This promptly catapulted him all the way from last to second place. Unfortunately for Pike he was not able to catch a  walleye to put him on top.


Pike thus ended his greatest Invitational catching a thirty-two inch Pike and losing to an eleven inch Walleye. The cutest Walleye you’ve ever seen mind you! :)


Pike has every right to expect to be a serious contender in the 2019 SANJAYA Invitational. Now that he has mastered cranking his own rod he knows he can beat the competitions rods with either hand!

We asked Crappie what he thought about Pikes angling skills in the past years and he said "You know, if you take everything He’s accomplished in his entire Tournament life and condense it down into one day, it looks decent."


We expect Pike to set the tone at this year’s tournament, after his great catch and top finish in 2018. It would not be a lie if we told you we believe The Master of his own angling domain is ready to take the next step in his climb up to the top of the 2019 SANJAYA Invitational LEADER BOARD!


Good Luck Pike!

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*A plank owner is an individual who was a member of the crew when  they  came  up with a brilliant   idea of how to spend a week or more away from work when that idea is placed into commission.