2019 MARCH




Name: Walleye

Year Joined: 2012 *Plank Owner 

Angler Experience:

Semi Amateur

Tournaments: 2012 2013 2014 2015    2016 2017 2018

Top Finish: Big Fish Champ 2012, 2016, 2017

2019 no back bass.png

Walleye was one of the few anglers from the beginning that really knew how to bait a hook, he could even almost lift his   tackle box clean over his head! We were all  completly    bewildered at Walleye’s early success, he is currently SANJAYA’s only multi year   Big Fish Champ.   I speak for everyone when I say we were all astounded   at   

    how far he could cast his pole   for a   guy  that doesn't  swing his arms when he walks!?..... it's    BREATHTAKING!

2015 025.JPG

Clearly    one of Walleye’s biggest advantages in the early competition was he actually owned a real fishing pole! And a tackle box! With real lures! He had hooks and other assorted angling gear in there we could only dream of,    it was all just      BREATHTAKING!  

Walleye, affectionately known as Powder because of his aversion to the sun (wink, wink),    always comes to the tournaments prepared.  One of the few OA’s, Original Anglers, that    enjoys the off season; so he can spend endless hours polishing his lures, practicing his knot tying,   rearranging his tackle box and treating his fishing pole like an amusement park.

2015 078.JPG

Walleye’s rock solid success comes from his confidence in his angling ability. When asked about it he stated  “I’m stable! I’m like a rock! I take these glasses off and you can’t tell the difference between me and a rock! I put these glasses on a rock! You know what jumps into most people’s minds? That’s right, three times Big Fish Champ, Walleye!”

No doubt Champ! Fellow Angler Smelt said of Walleye’s angling techniques “I’ve seen Walleye on the boat, he is so focused on the fish that he can block out everything going on around him on the water, just like when he dunks his donuts at Dinky Donuts!”

2013 010.JPG

              Can you spot the

Creepy Camouflage Squatch?


Word on the docks is    several  CNN News Sources have  reported  there are at least five different online fishing networks that have BANNNED    Walleye  from their sites!   Yes as of now he is BANNED! They no longer want his opinions or contentions. The buzz  going around is  that Walleye is bragging  that this has  to be some kind of a record.    According to CNN sources   Walleye   is   going to stage a walk out if     he does  not get    a "BANNED" trophy!  

Folks I    guarantee that’s not fake news!

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Featuring several returning Big Fish Champs, some crafty veteran Anglers and a  rookie Angler from (JABS)    Jersey Anglers Bass Series, this year's Invitational is shaping up to be the fish wrangling brouhaha that could go down in SANJAYA history as the greatest show on water! I’m sure Walleye has a план to raise the bar on his angling game to take it to the next level.

No doubt he wants to be the one holding the SANJAYA “BIG FISH CHAMP” Cup, when the bell tolls for thee on Saturday!

Good Luck товарищ Walleye!

2019 no back bass.png
2019 no back bass.png
2019 no back bass.png
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2019 no back bass.png
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*A plank owner is an individual who was a member of the crew when  they  came  up with a brilliant   idea of how to spend a week or more away from work when that idea is placed into commission.