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2019 May




Name: Gar

Year Joined: 2012 *Plank owner

Angler Experience: Semi Amateur

Tournaments: 2012, 2012, 2014, 2015 2016, 2017, 2018

Top Finish: 2018 Big Fish Champ


SANJAYA’s current reigning Big Fish Champ!

Gar is an OA, Original Angler and the 2018 Big Fish Champ. He came to SANJAYA flashing his steel rod and grand standing his Semi Amateur angling techniques like a freak show at a county fair. It was really all smoke and mirrors those first couple years for Gar, he didn’t even show up with a tackle box let alone any tackle to put in it?

2013 016.JPG

 The only thing that made Gar stand out was his Steel rod, yes his STEEL ROD!    It was the Envy of the Village of Cleveland. They said they’ve never seen another like it before or since. The Rod as it    became known by many may not of caught the big one necessary to make Gar the Big Fish Champ    but it out lasted Two Daiwa fishing pole combos, two fishing boats, a portable ice maker,   the Batman Pole, a Miller Lite umbrella and an iPhone 8 that fell to its frigid cold watery death at the bottom of Oneida Lake and into and out of the hands of Davy Jones.


As the reigning 2018 Big Fish Champ, Gar will have to take his skills to the next level to stay ahead of the rest of the pack. The only problem with that plan is the levels, Gar does not know where one level ends and the next one begins.

Luckily for Gar neither do most of the other anglers so it should be easy to stay one step ahead of them.


Living the SANJAYA Dream of Being the 2018 Big Fish Champ is not an easy life. Gar, the Champ, has spent lots of time   thinking    about traveling    the world   trying to bring an end to world hunger. He is asking every person to sacrifice one meal a week, to ensure there would be enough food to feed the whole world. He has great poise but sadly is lacking in grace.


With less than two weeks until the big dance begins on the sparkling tea colored water of Oneida Lake, time is running out for preparation. Soon    it   will   be     about execution and landing the biggest of the big three; Bass, Walleye and Pickerel or a pike he could go either way.


Gar’s Oneida Lake angling guide experience will definitely give him an edge. The 2018 Big Fish Champ guided    three of the last four Big Fish winners to    their monster fish to put them over the top before he landed the only Walleye caught in last year tournament that    put him on top for the big win and the 2018 Big Fish Trophy.


No doubt it’s going to be a    wicked cool    battle to the finish.    We asked  Gar for his thoughts on the pending fish fracas, "If you even dream of beating me, you’d better wake up and apologize"   Well there it is folks!

                     The 2018 Big Fish Champ,  in it to win it!

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*A plank owner is an individual who was a member of the crew when  they  came  up with a brilliant   idea of how to spend a week or more away from work when that idea is placed into commission.

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