February  2018

Angler Hot spot


Name: Mudcat

Year joined: 2013

Angler Experience: Semi Amateur

Tournaments: 2013, 2017 

Top Finish: 2013 Big Fish Champ


Mudcat burst onto the SANJAYA Tournament Scene in 2013. Bringing with him  three  things unique to Mudcat;  a beard, a boat  and an  ability to tell you  his opinion on a  subject crassly and crudely!

Mudcat proved his Semi Amateur  skills in  his very first tournament in 2013, surprising everyone and stunning the veteran anglers with  a monster  gator.  He caught the massive beast  on the last day of  regulation fishing.  Netting Mudcat  his first Big Fish Championship!

One thing his fellow Semi Amateur Angler Walleye  will tell you about Mudcat, "Don't let his laid back fishing style fool you!" "Mudcat is a shark when it comes to the tournament!"

Word around the docks is  Mudcat is stepping up his game this year, he will debut  a  New Bass boat ( third one in three tournaments).   Also rumored on the down low, Mudcat is  getting tips from Luke Duke. One of the top young guns on the Warren County Bass tournament circuit.

Oneida Lake, New York walleye fishing bass photography

One thing is sure about crowd favorite Mudcat, with a Big Fish Championship under his belt  and a new bass boat under his  gear    

you know he's  gonna be a contender for the 2018 SANJAYA Invitational!

Good Luck!