April 2018

Angler Hot Spot


Name: Goby

Year Joined: 2015

Angler Experience:

Semi Amateur 

Tournaments: 2015, 2016, 2017

Top Finish: 6th


Goby erupted onto the SANJAYA Invitational in 2015. A never before seen type of Angler,    flashy, making the scene,  flaunting convention. His fishing techniques were innovative and forward thinking, not  out of the library books . he was fond of saying    "People like you and me ,maybe.   Sure we're       probably    too old to change the world!”  

Goby's first year in the tournament  was a real eye opener for the Judges and his fellow Anglers .  He maintained his boat meticulously and handled his bait like a pro! Earning him the coveted "Master Baiter"  award for 2015.   He always has    a jar of Folgers crystals and three cases of his favorite beer "Hamms Preferred stock" on board his boat in case another Angler  comes along side.

Goby's fishing philosophy, Cheap fishing gear and dim lighting that's how you catch Bass, has not always worked. However being one of the most active Anglers on the circuit has earned him the unofficial title "The Little Bull Dog". 

Goby plans on turning things around this year, by showing up late and leaving early. He plans on doing everything completely opposite  from what he has done in past tournaments. Every lure decision, every line decision, do a complete 360 on what he did in the past.





Hamms preferred  stock

There is a buzz starting to be heard around the docks already this year.  The buzz? this is the Spring of  Goby! With a new strategy and a little bull dog attitude  don't be surprised to see Goby's name  topping the leader board when all the fish have been measured! Best of luck in the tournament Goby!