Fishing & Boating                     Skills

Arbor Knot

Surgeons Knot

Knot Tying

Improved Clinch Knot

Palomar Knot

Uni Knot

Swindle Fluorocarbon knot

Non Slip Loop Knot

Improved Clinch Knot for Braid Line

Orvis Knot

San Diego   Jam Knot

Tie    Florocarbon leader to braid 

Strongest Braid Knot

Short & Simple Title

Berkley Braid

Two Easy Braid knots


Boating Basics

Mooring your boat to a dock: the  Cleat Hitch

Docking a boat

Tour a Semi Amateur Bass Boat

Boating safety tips & equiptment

Boat Maintenance Basics

Metal Shark Boat


Fishing Lures, Baits and Hooks

Hook Sharpening

Hook Size

Anatomy of a Hook

Fish Finding Bass

Rig a stupid style tube

Fishing Suspended Walleye

Basic Fishing Kit

Small Swim Baits

Bill Lowen Tube Rigging

Bobber Rig

Intro to Crank Baits


Rigging a Keitech and  Fluke

Rig a Keitech Jig Head

Wacky Rig Presentation

Clear Water Fishing Tips

Texas Rig Tube

Jointed Crank Bait

Special Edition

FLW Pro Bass Angler

Scott Martin

Spring Time Bass Tips

Jerk Bait Colors

How to pick the right rod

Fishing Plastic Worms

Jerk Bait Tips

Plastic Worm Color Tips

Plastic Worm Size

Fishing a shaky head worm

Fishing Jigs

Foot Ball Jigs

Swim Jig 101

Fishing Walking Baits

Quick Carolina Worm Rig

How to fish a spinner bait

Deep Diving Crank Baits

Choosing the rightcolor crank bait

Fishing Tips

Under Water Strikes

Gerold Swindle Jig Fishing


How to hold a Bass

Drop Shot Rigging

G-MAN Jig Trailers

G-MAN Dew it  Add

Pole Handling Techniques

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