March 2018

Angler Hot Spot






TOURNAMENTS: 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017

TOP FINISH 2nd 2014

Possibly 1st place but the records fell overboard and Davy  Jones won't give them back

Smelt, affectionately called "Silverback" by his fellow Anglers,  joined the Tournament in 2013. His entrance  promptly changed the entire  dynamic of the  competition. As they say on the dock "The Shite just got real!" Never before, until now, did an Angler possess such a vast knowledge of the fishing sport. His presence   sent a wakeup call to the  other Anglers, There's a new Sheriff in town!

Bringing dock, bank and boat skills to the competition, Smelt imparts his folksy    wisdom on  all of the less adept Anglers. His  ability to mentor the younger Anglers  with  his  decades of fishing knowledge    while still being a top competitor is what makes him the circuits  Big  Toe!  (The Rumor is Tiger Beat magazine might have a blurb about  Smelt in    next months    edition)

Fellow Angler Pike spoke to us, however briefly, when asked about Smelt's chances of taking down the  2018  Big Fish    Trophy    "Don't try ridin' herd over that    Angler, boy. Those wrinkles are war maps. He's fought bass, sharks, and seen a hundred struttin' peacocks like you get takin' down hard."   ...ohhkay Pike thanks for that juicy nugget.

This year’s competition is shaping up to be some of the toughest in the long and storied history of the SANJAYA Invitational. But it's just another day at    the dock    for Smelt. "You've got to look for tough competition. You've got to want to beat the best" According to Waitz, possibly an avid Bass Angler?

There's no doubt Smelt has his "eye of the Tiger" eye on the 2018  trophy!  We would not be surprised to see him hoisting the trophy over his head when this fishing melee  is all over.  Good luck with the tournament Smelt!