Travel Day

Dispite the Meet & Greet being cancelled there was a large showing that had to be let down easy

Hamm's Preferred stock

Cabin Arrival

Grown Man sobbing lightly

Splashing the boats

Day Two    Leader Board

Frost covered boat

Day Four Leader Board

White caps on the lake lead to  Angling at the  Caughdenoy Dam

Verona Beach lighthouse, helping Mariners navigate for 103 Years

Batman Pole

Bluegills new friend Leo  saying "Hello"

Semi permanent  Squatch village in undisclosed location near Oneida Lake

Actual camera

Adult and juvenile Squatch. Umfortunately I only had my 1960 Kodak Brownie camera in the car at the time.

Clevelands bravest  gearing up for some action

Untangling 4 of BG's 6 trolling poles

Victory did not come cheap

Final Leader Board

Gars  20 inch   Smallie

Crappie presenting the  2020 SANJAYA Big Fish Cup to Gar

Cheers SANJAYA!  Until next year

Oneida Lake New York
Walleye ready to hook em up!
Bass fishing
Gar is ready to spar!
Oneida Lake fishing
Crappie ready to get scrappy!
Pike takes aim!
Oneida Lake fishing
Bluegillz ready to thrillz!
Oneida Lake NY fishing
Smelt ready to throw down!
Oneida Lake fishing
Goby cranks it up!
Time to get it ON!!
Oneida Skies
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