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 Enty into the

SANJAYA Fishing Invitational






    Entry Fee:

$5.00 per Semi-Amateur Angler, paid on first day of fishing. (Cash, American only)


   Tournament  Regulation Angling Hours:    

Monday -Friday Start Time :   0500 hrs       End Time :   0000 hrs     

 Saturday    Start Time  :    0500 hrs    End Time  :     2000 hrs


The WHOLE FISH will be photographed against a measuring device  at time of catch and verified by a second angler.  Photographs of the fish released for self gratification during the tournament will not display length. All fish that Anglers wish to have  scored will be presented in a PHOTOGRAPH OF THE WHOLE FISH WITH A MEASURING DEVICE UNDER OR NEXT TO THE FISH to the Score Board Officials. All fish must be caught during the tournament dates. Captain Obvious!   (Only  Imperial System of Measurement Devices can be used for measuring tournament fish)


  Live Well Checks:

Live well checks will start at 5:00am.  A tournament official must check your live well to ensure it contains only alcoholic beverages, water and two emergency cans of soda, prior to your departure (emergency soda is mandatory and no boat will be allowed to leave the dock without it! ) Tournament officials will supervise splashing of boats in water and parking of trailers. Tournament officials will begin splashing boats ASAP


  Tackle and Fishing Equipment:  

Tournament fishing will only be done with Rod and reel in hand. Bait: artificial and/or Live baits may be used. (No gang hooking, treble hooking, explosives, firearms, planers, outriggers, trolling allowed)


Multi-rigs Restricted:

Multi-rig baits (i.e. Alabama Rig, Umbrella, etc.) are restricted from use. Should you have any questions about your bait being considered multi-rig bait, check with tournament officials prior to take-off. Anyone caught fishing with multi-rig bait will have 5 inches deducted  from their total score at the end of that day.  They are also subject to be potentially keelhauled.   (Majority Vote)


  No Trolling:

Basic definition of Trolling:  fishing technique where baits/lures are dragged through the water from a moving boat, propelled by an electric or gas motor,  Anglers  use one or more lines to catch one or more fish.  THIS IS NOT ALLOWED!  Fish must be caught on a  rod and reel in your hand. Use of an electric  motor is allowed to move the boat to a more desirable position which will definitely contain bigger fish.  Drifting the boat and Fishing with one rod in hand and a second rod with a line in the water is  allowed.


  Boats and Motors:

Any boat 12 feet or longer will be accepted. Boats must have a non functional live well and a functional kill switch. No boat waxing/twerking  during tournament hours. 


Safety and Sportsmanship: 

Safe boating and fishing practices must be observed. Life jackets must be worn or within reach of all anglers on the boat. All New York Department of Conservation and New York State Water Patrol regulations and laws apply. 


  Fishing Boundries for Invitational: 

Oneida Lake, its tributaries or estuaries with boundaries as follows: Oneida River – upstream from Caughdenoy Dam; Oneida River Cut – Lock 23; Chittenango Creek – 1 mile upstream from Rt. 31 Bridge; Fish Creek – Downstream where East & West Branch connect; East Barge Canal – 1 mile east of Fish Creek; Scriba Creek – upstream from St. Rt. 49 Bridge to the dam. All other creeks or streams: 1 mile upstream from Oneida Lake. There shall be no fishing within spitting distance of another Angler's boat at anchor or afloat without permission from the boat being approached.


  Fines and Restitution:

Any Angler that refers to any other angler as anything other than their given SANJAYA Fishing name will be fined 25 cents. (Swear words are excluded) Any Angler that feels they were slighted, mistreated, assaulted or were the victim of theft by another angler can request restitution from the President. Theft includes the removal of personal property (fans included) for however brief of time.


  Total Scored Fish Ties:

If after all fish have been measured and there is a tie between two or more anglers  for first place a FISH OFF will occur. Tied Anglers will have one hour

(Time to be determined by judges) to fish from the docks, in and around Apps Landing, to attempt to catch more fish in any category. All fish caught within a category will be added to the total length of the Anglers score. At the end of one hour all fish measured and totaled for a new and final score. In the event there is another tie than the anglers that have tied will have to either play Rock, Paper, Scissor, lizard, Spock or flip a coin to determine a winner.   (Tied Anglers decide)


  Scored Fish:

Fish will be scored in three specie categories. Each angler is required to catch for scoring purposes one fish from each category (or one big frigging fish in one category).  The three fish will be measured and totaled for the Anglers total length score. The Angler may change his score by catching larger fish with in each category during the tournament regulation allotted time.


  Specie Categories

  1. Bass: Large mouth, Small mouth

  2. Pike (Northern Pike), Pickerel   ( Chain, Grass),  Muskie  ( Muskellunge)

  3. Walleye: Walleye


  The SANJAYA FISHING Invitational Anglers scoreboard will be updated each night. Anglers will bring their    photographed WHOLE FISH WITH MEASURING DEVICE CLEARLY VISIBLE to the Official SANJAYA FISHING  judges (Gar/Walleye) for board updating. Failure to photograph the whole fish with measuring device clearly visible will result in a one inch reduction in length from the Anglers total score, as determined by the judges.



Must be filed within  sixty (60) seconds after final measure-in for the day is posted for all anglers to view.  Tournament Officials will make final disposition of fish length.


  Check in Late Penalty: 

2 shots of Raki (or other hard alcohol available) will be consumed by any anglers who wants to have a fish scored after midnight and before 7:00 am the next day. No excuses or exceptions.  No fish can be stored overnight, all fish must be released by   12:01am.



Each tournament day is subject to cancellation due to weather, reschedule of day’s event or delay prior to event beginning time at the discretion of the tournament committee.  In the event of cancellation of one day’s event the tournament will be shortened one day. In the event that two days need to be cancelled, the event will be shortened by two days and so on and so forth.

                                      The SANJAYA Fishing Invitational Winner

The Angler with the longest total three fish will be determined the Tournament winner and will receive the SANJAYA Fishing BIG FISH "Judges" CUP and Cash (amount to be determined on final day of tournament)

                                      Temporarily Suspended

Tagged Walleye Bonus Entry Fee:

 A separate $5.00 (Cash, American only) entry fee is to be paid on first day of tournament. This fee will enter the Angler into a separate chance to win the Tagged Walleye Bonus money in the Tagged Walleye Bonus Challenge, Hereinafter known as the TWBC.

Any Angler that catches a Walleye that was tagged by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) will win the TWBC Bonus. The NYS DEC tags three walleyes each April for the Lions Club Walleye Tournament. These tags are marked and placed in a specific location on the Walleye only known to the SANJAYA Tournament Judges.

A tagged walleye must be  photographed with tag in place on the fish and all tag markings must be clearly visible in order to be read by the SANJAYA Tournament    judges.   The SANJAYA Tournament judges will have the final ruling on authentic    NYS DEC tags.

All SANJAYA Fishing rules and regulations will apply to the TWBC. Any violation of these rules and regulations will disqualify an Angler from the TWBC for that tournament.

In the event that a tagged walleye is not caught during the TWBC, the money will continually roll over to the next year’s tournament. The Tagged Walleye Bonus will continue to accumulate until a tagged walleye is caught or the total amount in the Tagged Walleye pool accumulates to an amount to cover    the current years cost of (9) nine    out of state (7) seven    day fishing licenses. The money will then be used to pay for said licenses.

In the event a new Angler receives an invitation to the SANJAYA Invitational and they want to compete in the TWCB, they will be required to pay the TWCB entry fee   . Once they are paid in    full they will be eligible to participate in the TWCB. Entry into the TWCB is voluntary for new anglers and is not required to compete in the Invitational.

Any deviation to these rules must be approved by a majority decision of the SANJAYA Tournament Committee. 

Waiver of Liability and Release

2024 SANJAYA Fishing 

Invitational  Tournament

By paying the tournament entrance fee and participating in the 2024 SANJAYA Fishing Invitational and In consideration for being permitted to participate in the 2024 SANJAYA Fishing Invitational  Tournament, I, in full recognition and appreciation of the dangers and risks inherent in such activities, do hereby waive, release, and forever discharge SANJAYA Fishing Invitational,, tournament organizers, sponsors, its officers, agents and employees, as well as other participants from and against any and all claims, demands, action or causes of action for costs, expenses or damages to personal property or personal injury, or death, which may result from my participation in these activities.  I understand and admit that my participation in the 2024 SANJAYA Fishing Invitational  Tournament is voluntary.  I assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages resulting from my participation in this program including responsibility for using reasonable judgment in all phases of participation in the activity. I recognize and understand that the activities may be hazardous, that my participation is solely at my own risk, and that I assume full responsibility for any resulting injuries and damages. I affirm that I am in good health. I further declare that I am physically fit and capable to participate in such activities. I also understand that this Waiver of Liability and Release binds my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns as well as myself. I acknowledge that I have read and understand this entire Waiver of Liability and Release, and I agree to be legally bound by it when I pay my entrance fee.

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