LEO Bass

Show your support for Law Enforcement  Officers and Fishing!

Approx 7 inches long by 3.5 inches tall

See LEO Bass reality tour for actual size examples


Stickers are in! $3.00    a  bass or 4    for $10.00

Pay through, send an email  to   let me   know    how many  stickers you want and a shipping address   to send them to!                                               


2021 Decade   of Debauchery Hoodie Sweat Shirt

$40 without front Name $48 With Name on the front

2020 Tournament Long Sleeve Tee Shirts $30

Sold Out!

2019 Tournament Tee Shirts for sale $25


2018 Tee Shirt

2018 Tee shirts SOLD OUT!

2017  Tee Shirts SOLD OUT!!

Tournament worn, authentic, SANJAYA Tee shirt


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